About Meditation

Meditation is a Focus.

Meditation will help you in many areas of magic. It does not have to be complicated, although there are many rituals and practices that can be very elaborate. The benefits of meditation are two-fold. Depending on the meditation it can help you to calm and focus and center yourself. It can also help to ground your energy or to help you to focus on a concept through what is known as gnosis, like an intimate 'knowledge'. I do know that this practice has helped me to learn how to focus my mind in very useful ways, for magic and for divination. Meditation has also helped me to concentrate and to visualize during magic. These meditation methods will hopefully inspire you towards magical thinking.

Methods of Religious Meditation

Kundalini meditations, yoga, chi, reiki, and other practices of India and the east are not included in this instruction, as they are related to Buddhist religion, Hindu mysticism, and other religious beliefs. These are very complex traditions that some new-age mystics use as a means of enlightenment. Their origins date to more than 5,000 years ago.1 Some of these things can be learned through books and online. Awakening of the Kundalini energy is through a spiritual process shared by the teacher and the student. From the Kundalini Yoga faq, "In terms of actually awakening kundalini, gurus .. claim that the kundalini is more easily and reliably awakened by the grace of the guru than by individual effort."2
In some methods of Kundalini Yoga, the pursuit of psychic or magical powers, called siddhis, is an after-effect that is intended to impede spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment is a process that brings an end to suffering that comes from ignorance. So, it would seem that yoga, kundalini and some Indian or Eastern meditations are not really useful for magic users, because within some of these traditions, the practice of magic, divination or psychism is discouraged.
According to the traditions that these practices are from, magic abilities and powers are sometimes considered to be the after-effects of failed spirituality, making these practices counter-productive to those who want to learn magic and divination.

From the Yoga Faq, "The goal of kundalini yoga is the same as the goal of any legitimate spiritual practice: To be liberated from the limited bounds of the self-centered and alienated ego."3 The primary motivation is to move away from physicality, the sensual, and the ego. This seems to oppose the practices and beliefs in (spiritual) Satanism, a focus on the Self and one's own personal desires and will, within the realm of the physical and the spiritual.
Of course you are free to explore these religious ideas as you wish; but remember that these practices belong to the realm of religion, not magic. These practices have a very deep and complicated history, and some of these techniques should only be taught in person. Time, travel, and devotion to a spiritual quest like that can be very expensive.
There are some occult methods, such as Wicca, that have included Yoga meditation and kundalini meditations as a pseudo-mystical practice. This method of mysticism is the pursuit of magic through religious and spiritual aims.

Meditation without Religion

I stay away from religious references in my magic practices so that I do not have to be dependent on any religious systems to produce magic. You will find this same idea throughout my website, when I incorporate the elements, planetary magic, and basic spells. This non-religious structure for magic has many benefits - but mostly it is very expedient and practical, and useful to me as a Satanist. The use of demons in magic is of course, completely optional and does not have to be religious in intent. That being said, here is my non-religious approach to meditation.

What is "Void Meditation"?

Some meditation guides teach that void meditation is the best way, because it teaches you how to clear the mind. I propose that you learn how to use focused meditation first, so that void meditation will be a lot easier to approach afterward. Void meditation is the silent and thoughtless state of mind that is focused on the Self.
This is compared to focused meditation, a focus on an ideas or a visualization, a focus on metaphysical concepts, spiritual concepts and meditations, and to get to the depths of emotions. There are many possibilities using this basic method but here, for us the focus is meditation on the elements for their use in magic.
With these meditation exercises we are doing two basic things: Learning how to focus, and focusing on each element to become familiar with their forces and energies. You will use all five senses to experience each element. From this you will have a foundation of knowledge and experience that you can use.

My Recommendations for Practice

Meditation is not a super-power, nor is it a path to super human abilities. Meditation is the focus of the mind, a method that also disciplines the will. Through the practice of meditation you can attract, repel, invoke, evoke, and increase your magical awareness. Its a basic skill that a magic user should have.
You should practice these meditations, one at a time, beginning with ten minutes a day, and slowly increase this to fifteen minutes per day. For instance, if you meditated each day, each element for five days, within a month you will have finished the complete meditation course.

Practice in the morning after you awaken so that your mind is clear. Or, alternatively, try it before you rest. You should be in a quiet and private setting where you will not be disturbed or distracted. You can do these meditations with your eyes open or closed. Use dim lighting to close out distractions. You can sit cross-legged or in any position as long as you are comfortable, and not restless. If you are physically uncomfortable it will distract you.

The Ingredients of Success

There are two main ingredients to successful focused meditation. These are attention, and imagination. Attention is the ability to focus on a task. Imagination is the ingredient that fuels fantasies, visions and desires. A focused meditation is neither too focused or too imaginative; it is a balance that is created through practice and self-observance.
When you meditate you will be using your mind to guide your meditation, and from this you will have visions. Do not be alarmed, this is only your subconscious surfacing through into your conscious, and you experienced the vision. Acknowledge the thought or vision and then move on. Gently go back into a receptive focus. Enjoy the experience and let it come to you.
It can be frustrating when there is a lack of focus in the beginning. However, you are always in control of where your focus will be. When you become distracted, either within your mind or from your surroundings, acknowledge it but gently guide your thoughts back into your meditation.
If you spend your time worrying if you are doing it right, you will be wasting your time and effort. Your main concern should be doing - the observation of results will come later when you know what you have experienced. Again, gently guide yourself back into your meditative focus if distractions arise.

A meditative focus is not a trance state; it is simply another avenue of your own consciousness that uses focused awareness. Once you get into the practice of it you will be able to do it for longer periods. Its not uncommon for me to spend an hour in meditation without even realizing that an hour has passed by.
A month of meditation exercise [a full lunar cycle] is not a long time to sacrifice to learn so much about yourself and the world around you, through meditation on the elements. After this you will be able to use my method of basic elemental magic with ease if you learn from your experience.
Enough can not be said about focus and dedication and actual practice. What is important is to *actually do something*, and make real progress. It is only from consistent practice that you will see results.

Using all the Senses to Guide You

The Goal of these meditations is to awaken your senses to the role that the metaphysical elements fulfill in our everyday lives. These meditations will also help you to align yourself with these energies so that you can set up a working Satanic altar, consecrate your satanic ritual tools with these elements, and use elemental witchcraft. Once you are familiar with each element you will be prepared and you will have a great foundation to work with.
We will begin with Earth [South], and progress towards Water [West]. These meditations should be done for at least 15 minutes per day, or as often as you desire. You do not have to worry about 'opening your third eye'. The third eye is the mind and its ability to visualize, so as long as you have been able to visualize (and you have been since childhood) you have been using the mind's eye. If you experience headaches or pressure during meditation, its time to relax and focus on steady breathing to calm yourself.
You will approach this method in three different ways using your mind's eye: Mentally, through a guided visual meditation, physically through exercises of invocation, and spiritually through a meditation on each representative god of the elements.