Some theistic Satanists, such as the late Herbert Sloane, believe in a Satanic variant of ancient Ophite Gnosticism which venerated the serpent of the Garden of Eden myth. The Ophites regarded Yahweh as the Demiurge, an evil god who created the universe for the purpose of trapping human souls in matter. They regarded the serpent as the bringer of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

Many other theistic Satanists, including the Church of Azazel, agree with some but not all these Gnostic ideas. We regard Satan/Lucifer as a deity who favors the advancement of human knowledge, and we regard the Christian god as an entity who is at best ambivalent about human knowledge.

However, the Church of Azazel does not believe that the Christian god is the true Creator of the universe. Nor do we believe that the universe was created for any human-centered purpose, whether for our benefit or to our detriment.