Vitalum Vitalis - A Satanic Weapon given By Father SATAN

Vitalum Vitalis is the ability to balance the scales between one life and another. It is one of the Seven Wonders that appear inCoven.


Vitalum Vitalis is used the balance the scales of life and death. This can be used by either draining one's own life force to restore a dying person's health, or even resurrect a dead person. Unlikeresurgence, vitalum vitalis uses the witch's own life force to bring the dead back to life, which may cause the user to pass out.

Fiona Goode used this when she sucked the life out of David Zhong through a kiss after he couldn't make her a youth drug. She regained her youth, and looked younger, but this only lasted for a few minutes. She used it the other way after Queenie was killed by the Minotaur to bring her back before her soul went to the afterlife. She used this again when roaming around the hospital after Cordelia's acid attack where she stumbled into a crying mother whose baby had died. After forcing the mother to tell the baby she would always love it, she brought the baby back to life, Much to the mother's delight.

When Cordelia and Queenie went to look for Misty after she disappeared, Cordelia had a vision of seeing Misty suffocated in a coffin in the cemetery. When they dug her up, Cordelia encouraged Queenie to use vitalum vitalis to bring her back, which Queenie managed to do. Zoe Benson also manifested this ability when she resurrected a homeless man whom Kyle had killed in a fit of rage after the man had insulted them.
[Vitalum Vitalis]

After Zoe was killed during the trial of transmutation, Queenie and Madison, took turns trying to resurrect her using vitalum vitalis. Queenie went first and was unable to, disqualifying her from the test. Madison was able to but didn't, much to everyone's shock. She instead used her ability to kill and then resurrect a fly. After being scolded by Myrtle and Cordelia, she told them off, telling them Zoe 'lost fair and square'. This was when Myrtle then encouraged Cordelia to participate in the Seven Wonders, as she had 'royal bloood' in her. After completing all the other tests, Cordelia used vitalum vitalis to resurrect Zoe, bringing her back to life. She then collapsed due to the strain.