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Iam Satan

As Spritual Satanist of Satan- Our Beliefs

We welcome you with open arms. We do not judge you – you are a perfect creation. You can finally be honest with who you are and what you believe. Release your inhibitions and be yourself. First, here are some facts concerning our belief.
We believe:

1. Satan is a being, not an idea;
2. Demons are real and they manifest themselves in humanistic form;
3. We believe in Personal divinity. The Satanist is a God!!
4. The weak will always be abused by the strong. Self-help for the weak is the only remedy for this injustice;
5. Those deserving of kindness should be shown kindness;
6. Guilt and shame are tools of the Judeo-Christian establishment; They have no place in the life of a Satanist;
7. Satanic Magic is real and powerful. It is an awesome tool used by the Satanist;
8. We believe in the Nine Satanic Statements authored by Anton Lavey;
9. Knowledge is power.

The Truth About Satan's Power

I don't know how many times I have heard Christian claims concerning the Nazarene or his angels banishing Satan from an area or "Casting out Demons." My own opinion regarding this is the "Demons" aren't really "Demons" but angels impersonating what Christians believe to be "Demons." Why? Because it makes Satan appear to be under the control of the Nazarene and in many cases frightens those who lack knowledge. Fear is used by these nefarious programs for control.
I was watching the movie "The Exorcist." For those of you who are unfamiliar with this 1973 flick, the plot concerned a 12-year-old girl who was possessed by the Mesopotamian Demon "Pazuzu." This movie topped the charts for years, designated as the ultimate in frightening the public. There have been few actual claims concerning cases of "possession." Accounts included sketchy reports of victims "vomiting objects" and performing other senseless acts.

Everyone knows souls are important to Satan; humanity is his creation. When we dedicate our souls to Satan, we become a part of a massive vortex of energy that we can tap into to accomplish our desires and objectives. This additional energy not only benefits humanity, but also benefits Father Satan and the Original Gods, and gives everyone concerned more power. [The Christian churches have exploited souls and their energy for centuries]. Now, as we know souls are important to Satan, why would he or his Demons do anything to frighten people away, or make people try to avoid him at all costs?
When looking at this analytically, one can see the truth, as there is a motive behind nearly everything. The only motive here is the greedy entity Jehovah and ilk frightening ignorant human beings back into his energy bank of souls. [This Jehovah character is really enemy extraterrestrial Greys and enemy Nordics, not an individual entity]. Of course, Satan and his Demons are blamed as usual. Since Christians are forbidden to practice any magick or become knowledgeable about the occult, this ends with Jehovah and ilk having a full supply of energy all to themselves to use as they see fit. The Greys call this amalgam of energy “The One.”

For people who use the traditional methods of summoning spirits as instructed in the popular grimoires, which use the names of Jehovah and his angels, how do they really know exactly who or what they are contacting? Everyone I ever heard from who went through Satan directly to summon a Demon respectfully, has had positive experiences. I know I have.
The followers of the Christian “God” and his foul Nazarene are forever crowing that this entity has power over Satan. In reality, this is not true.

When I was new to Satanism, [this was before I performed the initiation rite], I experienced much confusion. I was very upset one night and COMMANDED the foul holy spirit of Jehovah to leave my body forever IN THE NAME OF SATAN/LUCIFER. I felt a weak, battered energy leave me through my feet. Afterwards, I felt a deep sense of peace, and much of the confusion and turmoil I was experiencing was gone. 

When I was twelve years old, Satan came to me in a Catholic Church, when an important Christian sacrament was being performed. The Christian "God" was powerless to stop him. Satan had the spiritual authority to be there. On the other hand, I will bet one will never see Christian entities visit a Black Mass.

A couple of years ago, I initiated a friend in a city park around 4 am, because there was no privacy for a religious rite at home. Driving there, she was fearful and hesitant about dedicating her soul to Father Satan. When I was reading the prayers, afterwards, she told me, she saw a foggy white apparition that was an enemy spirit. Some Demons promptly appeared and chased it away. These Demons I might add were on the lower end of the Demonic hierarchy. They were the ones with the red eyes, gargoyle like with rubbery wings. This order of Demons mainly carries out tasks as messengers and protectors. I saw them quickly clear the path when Azazel approached the area they were in, out of respect. It didn't take much to get rid of the enemy spirit, afterwards, my friend felt much better.

In the biblical tale where Satan approached the Nazarene in the desert, HE DID NOT APPROACH HIM AS AN EQUAL, BUT AS A SUPERIOR. One does not worship an equal or a lesser being. Satan's offering to the Nazarene, right there, blatantly indicated that he had much more power than the Nazarene fool. He talked down to the Nazarene. Most Christians are fearful of Satan. Satanists can blaspheme foul Jehovah, his worthless "holy spirit,” and his pedophile son,* but few Christians will actively invite the wrath of Satan. Many are even fearful of us- so much for their faith in a cowardly impotent "God." 
-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
*We believe the Nazarene to be a fictitious character, created from various myths and legends predating Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years. The sole purpose of this entity is to create a distraction. Unknowing followers are fooled into believing "Jesus Saves" when in truth, we save our own souls. Human beings have the power to heal and perform many other spiritual feats dubbed as "miracles." The Nazarene has been used over the centuries to strip humanity of all spiritual power and knowledge. This has placed humanity as a whole at the mercy of advanced enemy beings to be viciously exploited and victimized. A weak soul not only experiences physical illness, but also is spiritually a pawn both in the hands of fate and in the hands of the enemy

What Satanist Speaks

​My life has done a complete turn around and I finally have the peace inside that I have been looking for the past 37 yrs of my life. I always had an uneasy feeling when my parents would drag me off to church like something was very wrong with what I was hearing! I hope what I am trying to say makes since to you because I don’t really know how to explain how much better I feel and how much clearer everything around me seems.


I performed the ritual and dedicated my soul to Father. I have never felt better in my life! Right away I felt different, everything seems much clearer now. 
Hail Satan!