Welcome Everybody!

This is a Theistic Satanism website working on unity amongst all Satanist of different colors, sizes, shapes, and races. Satan loves you no matter what color you are. Satan is not evil, and he is not the deceiver of humanity. He is the Sumerian god Enki: The bringer of knowledge. This site is dedicated to Satan. I am NOT here to convert anybody into Satanism. I am simply here to inform people, who are interested about Spiritual Satanism.

If you are a Christian or Atheist and you are curious about what Spiritual Satanism is about, then you have come to the right place. If you came here just for information, then you have came to the right place. If you are only here to condemn this website because you hate Satan and you truly believe he's evil, then you do not belong here.

Warning if you are an atheist, don't play around with Satan thinking that this site is some sort of joke because that is inviting disaster. Satan is a very real being, and it is highly dangerous to play with Satanism.